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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    【96 Prefabs】Hand Painted Style Cafe Breakfast Set【VRChat Ready】

    Published from : 2024/06/04 06:31:26

    Product Details

    ◆◆◆Hand Painted Style Cafe Breakfast Set◆◆◆ Hand painted style cafe breakfast sets. Buy full set to have them cheaper with a little more prefab variations! Coffee cups and tea spoon are with blend shapes so you can change the look of coffee and toggle sugar on spoon on and off. (gimmick, animation are not included) Menu, paper napkin, luncheon mat design can be customized with attached PSD file. in folder: Texture\menu_napkin_toothpick\Menu_Logo_design_Edit.psd Unity Package is made with Unity 2022 DM @lisathekuma on X (twitter) if any more information is needed ◆◆◆Shaders(Materials)◆◆◆ Before importing the package into your project, Please first import lilToon ( https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 ) ※※Shaders are not included in the package. Please download and import ahead. ◆◆◆Contents◆◆◆ ①  Unity Package Folders inside package  FBX:(shown in second product image)  Material:Materials and Color、Normal Map、Matcap、Matcap Mask Texture files that are needed.   Prefab:(shown in second product image) ② .fbx  ③ Texture .png file All texture files needed for each set are included. files are 2048x2048, Please reduce the size if you need to do so.

    Terms of Use

    ◆◆Rules◆◆ YES ・Customize for your own use ・Using it for VRChat and other SNS platform ・Make profit out of your videos with this product showing if you are a Vtuber ・Sell your game with this product inside (※only if the data of product cannot be obtained by others ) NO ・No reselling or upload to any website ・No reselling or upload to any website even if it's after modification ・No making it available to others who has not purchased the product ・No using the product for NFT ・No claiming it your own work ◆Copyright◆ Copyright belongs to the creator of the product. ◆Warning◆ The creator of the product is not responsible for any loss or damage if any trouble were to be caused while using the product. (Don't think that would happen but just in case.) ◆Contact information◆ DM me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/lisathekuma