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    bolero jacket for Kohaku&Yawl.

    Published from : 2021/07/21 09:32:57

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    A set of classic bolero-style jacket, innerwear and trousers. Any version Kohaku can wear this item. It can also be worn by yawl, who has a common body. The first chic jacket of the Playfor Fantasy costume. The full set version will be on sale for 1200 yen at the list price of 1500 yen until August 31st. We are also planning to propose a plan for 800 yen for a single jacket. We are preparing materials so that you can use it with various textures. Enactment date: August 18, 2021 Establisher: onimaru ・ This revenue will be shared by the Play for Fantasy team. contact address Twitter: OnimaruVrc Email: vanpflow@hotmail.com

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