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    Original 3D model【Riiji】

    Published from : 2021/07/05 22:32:55

    Product Details

    A curious dragon. This model is data corresponding to Unity's Humanoid format, which is supposed to be used in VRC. Please read and understand the terms of use before making a purchase. * Compatible with VRCSDK3. VRCSDK2 is not supported. * Compatible with full tigers. If you can't track it well, try looking up a little. The shader uses Sunao Shader. Don't forget to import in advance. Sunao Shader https://booth.pm/ja/items/1723985 【How to introduce】 1. Import VR SDK3, Sunao Shader, DynamicBone (optional) 2. Import Unity package 3. Drag and drop the prefab into the Hierarchy tree 4. Upload your avatar from VRC SDK If you do not use DynamicBone, remove DynamicBone and DynamicBoneCollider before uploading. 【Contents】 Number of model polygons: △ 23,406 Lip sync: Pre-configured Eye tracking: × Facial expression set: 7 Facial expression shape key: 7 Material: 3 Texture: 3 (excluding mask) ・unitypackage ・fbx ・blend ・texture ・psd

    Terms of Use

    -The copyright of Riiji (hereinafter, this model) belongs to the creator (hekino). ・ This model is allowed to be freely modified at your own risk. ・ Redistribution and sale of this model is prohibited. Prohibition of third party use using avatar copy function etc. in VRC Please use it in a state where it can be used only by the purchaser. -There are no restrictions on the monetization of YouTube, etc. by using this model, or the use by corporations. ・ There are no restrictions for adults such as R-18. -The creator is not responsible for any troubles or other losses when using this model. ・ Slandering, political activities, and religious activities using this model are prohibited under any circumstances. ・ If there is a difference between these Terms of Use and other languages ​​due to translation reasons, the Japanese Terms of Use shall apply.