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    Konjac Translator

    Published from : 2021/03/23 01:12:45

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    This is a translation tool that converts your native language into the other person's language and outputs the audio. It can be used with VRChat, all VR, 3D online games, and video conferencing. By using this tool, you can talk with others without worrying about language barriers. Supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and French. It has an overlay VR function so you can use it while wearing an HMD. There is an initial purchase fee of 1000 yen and a separate monthly fee thereafter. Please note that this is a monthly service due to the use of multiple APIs. The plans available are as follows FREE You can use 10000 characters per month. STANDARD:3.00 USD You can use 30000 characters per month PRO: 8.00 USD Unlimited Please send me DM to my Twitter account(mond2160) if you want supports.

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