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    Deep breath

    Published from : 2021/03/09 15:18:07

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    irtual YouTuber (Vtuber) Annin Shizuku's 1st single. Two songs are finally available, the song "Deep breath" that was first shown in the official 3D program of the virtual distribution app [REALITY], and "Wanna be your servant" with guest vocalist Tsutsushi Oto. It is the first double A-side single produced by Anjin Shizuku self-produced. 1.Deep breath (wav) 2.Deep breath (VocalOff) 3.Deep breath (inst)

    Terms of Use

    ■ Terms ・ All rights including copyright, moral rights of author, neighboring rights of this sound source and MV are owned by AnninShizuku management. ■ Conditions ・ The following items are available only to those who have purchased, groups, and circles. ・ "I tried to sing" video using a sound source or an instrumental sound source. Or use for distribution in introductory programs and music events ・ Screening at various distributions and events using MV ※Name credits are not compulsory, but we would appreciate it if you could. ■ Prohibitions The following are prohibited items for third parties other than "Annin Shizuku" and "Annin Shizuku Management". ・ Transfer or submission of sound sources to exclusive writer contracts, copyright transfer contracts, management agency contracts, etc. with self-made and false music publishers, record companies, production (production companies) copyright management organizations, etc. ・ Acts such as various sales and consignment ・ Upload to various SNS and video distribution sites for purposes other than "singing" videos and music introduction purposes and music events ・ Use of sound sources or music videos for religion, antisocial forces, and attacks on others ・ Use for sexual content ■ Other inquiries ●Twitter (DMにて対応)  杏仁しずく( @anninshizuku ) https://twitter.com/anninshizuku ●Mail  anninshizuku@gmail.com Please contact us above.