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    "Price Cube" an item for VRChat

    Published from : 2021/02/14 00:20:22

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    [Model explanation] This model is the "Price Cube" an item for VRChat. It is intended for use with various VRSNS services such as VRChat. [Feature] - Full-scratch model. - This is a small item with a price tag that can be found in jewelry stores. When displayed together with accessories, it gives a sense of luxury. - A set of numbers from 0 to 9, and ". (dot)", ", (comma)", "- (-)", and "¥ (yen)" are included in the set. - Each of them is a separate object, so you can reorder them in Unity. [Contents] price_cube.unitypackage - This is a UnityPackage that includes the price cube's Prefab. /fbx - Model data. NOTE : There is no texture. [How to Use] To use VRChat, first import the latest version of VRCSDK2. After that, import price_cube.unitypackage. [Producer] Keiichiro Ikura Twitter: https://twitter.com/ikr_4185 Mail: ikr.4185@gmail.com (Twitter is faster reply) BOOTH: https://ikr4185.booth.pm/ Virtual Market Beta: https://www.v-market.work/ec/shops/42/detail/ Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    [Terms of Use] 1. definition Model: refers to this product, "Price Cube", an item for VRChat. Purchaser of the Model: The person or organization that purchased the Model. Use: This refers to the general act of using the Model as an avatar on VRSNS or SNS, using the Model in the production of video works, or sculpting the Model into a figure, etc. 2. ownership The copyright and all other rights to the data and design of this model belong to the creator, Keiichiro Ikura. UnlitWF is available at MIT LICENSE. Available at: https://github.com/whiteflare/Unlit_WF_ShaderSuite/wiki/UnToon-Redistribution 3. terms of license (1) Permission is granted to the purchaser of this model, or certain third parties acting on behalf of the purchaser of this model, to modify this model data for the purpose of use by the purchaser of this model. (2) The purchaser of the Model or a specific third party who acts on behalf of the purchaser of the Model at the request of the purchaser of the Model is permitted to upload the data to hosting services such as VRChat and VRoidHub for the purpose of use by the purchaser of the Model. (2-1) If the data is intended for use by a third party other than the purchaser of this model, the data upload is not permitted. (2-2) Uploading data in a state where it can be used by a third party other than the purchaser of this model is not permitted. Please make sure that the data can be used only by the purchaser of this model. (2-3) However, if a third party other than the purchaser of this model can only view the data on a web browser or other application, but not download it or use it as an avatar, the uploading of data is permitted. (3) Transfer of data to a third party is permitted only for the purpose of use by the purchaser of the Model, such as uploading data to services such as VRChat or modifying data on behalf of the purchaser. (4) Permission is granted to publish the image or video data created using this model. (5) You are allowed to publish games, interactive works, etc. created using this model. (5-1) However, you are not allowed to publish model data in a state where it can be extracted by a third party other than the purchaser of the model (e.g., the model data is placed in the StreamingAssets folder in an unencrypted state, or the model data can be saved directly as a file on the communication path). (6) The copyright holders shall not exercise their rights to any revenue generated by the use of the above paragraphs (1) through (5). (6-1) The copyright holders do not exercise their rights with regard to the contents of the productions and performances that use this model. (7) Permission for uses other than those specified above will be determined on an individual basis by Keiichiro Ikura. 4. disclaimer We assume no responsibility for any troubles or losses incurred by using this model or modified models. Neither the distributor nor the copyright holder of this model shall be liable for any compensation or indemnification for any trouble or loss caused by the use of this model or modified model. 5. Jurisdiction of Dispute (1) These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. (2) The governing language of the Terms of Use shall be Japanese and only the descriptions in Japanese in the Terms of Use shall be used for interpretation. Any interpretation by a translation into other language which is not made by the rights holder shall be invalid. (3) Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Terms of Use shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Japan designated by the right holder as the court. [Explanation of the Terms of Use] The following is an explanation of the main points. 1. not only individuals but also corporations can use the site within the framework of this agreement. 2. Ikura owns the rights to the model in general, but only the rights to the face and eye textures are owned by masui03. 3. permissions. (1) Modification is allowed. You can ask other people to modify it. (2) You can upload the model to VRChat, VRoidHub, and so on. (3) When you ask someone else to make changes to your work, you may give them the data. However, if the someone want to use the model themselves, please purchase a new one. (4) You can use this model to create promotional images, or use it for Vtuber activities. (5) You can incorporate this model into your game and publish it. However, please take measures to prevent the model from being ripped. (6) You may use your work for commercial purposes as long as it is within the above limits. There are no restrictions on the content of the work or use, such as prohibition of adult-oriented content. (7) Use in any other way (redistribution, etc.) is prohibited in principle. Please consult with us if there is a need. 4. use at your own risk. 5. This agreement is subject to the laws of Japan.