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    "Buicha pierce" Accessories for VRChat

    Published from : 2023/04/07 11:38:28

    Product Details

    [Model Description] This model is an accessory for VRChat, "Vuichapias". It is intended for use with various VRSNS services such as VRChat. [Features - This is a full-scratch model. - VRChat [Contents enclosed buicha_pierce.unitypackage - UnityPackage including Prefab of Pierce. UnlitWF_20230225_01_Core_2019.unitypackage - UnlitWF_20230225_01_Core_2019 by Flare is enclosed. /fbx - Model data. - buicha_pierce.fbx : 6 Bones / 2,140 poligon How to use When using VRChat, first import the latest VRCSDK. After that, import buicha_pierce.unitypackage. UnlitWF/WF_Untoon_Opaque is used as a shader. You can use the general method of modifying avatars for VRChat. We are sorry, but we do not provide support on how to modify avatars in detail. Remarks - Follow the official Japanese account of VRChat. - https://twitter.com/VRChat_JP/status/1639121365700837377?s=20 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    [Terms of Use The accessory for VRChat, "Buicha Earrings", will be distributed under CC0. UnlitWF is available at MIT LICENSE. https://github.com/whiteflare/Unlit_WF_ShaderSuite/wiki/UnToon-Redistribution