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    This is the third compilation album of mozell song arrangements, "Mozecon 3"! We've got some amazing members, especially for those of you who like game music! As with the mozell music series, only those who purchase the album can use the material in their own games! Track List: 01. CK / Memories of Mao 02. s-don / Dance of Alcamuine 03. polluX Musiq / A Little Tear 04. kufu feat. hiyama / Kaze to Hana no Mai Kyoku 05. mozell / Yukatahanabi 06. Kotori (Nohmi Kotori) / Night Chopper 07. daph / Aura 08. Saitama Saisyu Heiki / Kazanenhancer 09. Chiking / Cosmo Nabiku Cobalt Sekai 10. naccle / RPG -naccle Remix- (Japanese) 11. samlie / Immortality and Destiny's Flame Dance 12. fuyuki Seana / Nereia -the last hope 13. plusten / Mawaru Yume 14. martin feat. Motoaki Furukawa / Natsuzora Hikou Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tk6Petzubw Information: Title: MoseCon 3 Arranger All the above participants Composer mozell Illustration by Heigyo Media MP3 (160kbps, 320kbps), JPG (inside and outside of jacket, all pages of liner notes, mini-poster) Release date December 25, 2020 Terms of use for the song: https://mozeen.com/about/terms/

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