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    Published from : 2021/02/08 17:40:34

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    The NES solo arrangement album of mozell songs by Grandpa Mar is finally here...! The album contains both the basic NES version (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) and the extended version (NSF EXTENDED VERSION). 8 songs and 2 patterns, for a total of 16 songs! As with the Moze-Raku series, only purchasers may use the material in their own games and other works. Track List: 01. Battle of Mao (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 02. Town of wind and flowers (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 03. Fascinating Helix (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 04. fragile beauty (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 05. Balloon of grass green (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 06. Oriental Piano Attack (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 07. lie of truth (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 08. Battle of Alleyoop (NSF DEFAULT VERSION) 09. Battle of Mao (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 10. Town of wind and flowers (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 11. fascinating helix (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 12. fragile beauty (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 13. Balloon of grass green (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 14. 14. Oriental Piano Attack (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 15. lie of truth (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) 16. Battle of Alleyoop (NSF EXTENDED VERSION) <Demo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcAkH9jXjGo <Information Title Mozebit Arranger Merge Composer mozell, mozekfu Illustration Missionary Gondolf Media MP3 (160kbps, 320kbps), JPG (inside and outside of jacket, all pages of liner notes, mini-poster) Release date October 25, 2020 Terms of use for the song: https://mozeen.com/about/terms/

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