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    Ornaments(Avatars3.0 gimmicks)
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    [For VRChat Avaters 3.0] Display the status icon on the avatar.

    Published from : 2020/12/19 06:33:15

    Product Details

    This is an assortment of various icons for VRChat Avaters 3.0. The icons are visible from all directions. 6 tris, 1 material slot, and can be installed in Quest Avaters. If you want to use it as a VRC+ nameplate icon, I recommend the following https://kitsunebi-ya.booth.pm/items/2577084 By setting the ActionMenu, you can switch between 6 different icons. (It uses one variable frame) Japanese configuration manual is available (English ver. is not available) I've also included an object for each icon for Avaters2.0. (The setting method is out of support.)

    Terms of Use

    *This term of use is Translated by DeepL, Japanese Version is formal version* Disclaimer  The copyright of this data belongs to the author, Kieran.  The author assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of this data. What you can do  You can use this model by attaching it to an avatar used in VRChat, etc., or installing it in the world so that others cannot edit it.  Modification of this model or the included textures.  Modification of the model or included textures. Inclusion of the model in monetized videos.  Distributing this model as a part of game software (limited to the state where it cannot be edited by others). What is prohibited  Distributing this model data or bundled materials in an editable state.  Distributing this model data and bundled materials in an editable state.  Use of the data for political or religious activities, or for the purpose of slandering others.  Use of the "STAFF" icon at events other than those in which you are a staff member. Any other actions that are detrimental to Kiaran. If you have any questions or concerns not listed above, please contact the author. Twitter: @kiaran5012