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    Japanese sword

    Sales start date : 2020/12/19 03:18:46

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    It will be a roughly made sword. 【Contents】 ・ Unity Package ・ Readme * Before importing Unity Package, Please import Arktoon-Shaders (https://booth.pm/ja/items/1027997) in the project. (If you have not imported, please set the material yourself)

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of service】 ・ This work and modifications of this work, and redistribution mainly of them are prohibited. ・ Do not use in a manner that violates public order and morals. ・ Use of this work is at your own risk ・ You do not need to enter credit when using this work ・ The creator does not take any responsibility caused by the use of this work. ・ When using this work, it is assumed that you have agreed to these terms of use [License] ・ This work can be modified freely -Allows uploading of model data using this work and modifications of this work to various platforms such as VRChat. -Allows video creation and live distribution using this work and modifications of this work. (Does not limit monetization, spending money, use of creator support platform, etc.) ・ Allows you to use this work and modifications of this work for game production -Since this work and the modified version of this work are used in each service / application, it is allowed to convert to another format. 【contact information】 Twitter: https://twitter.com/karasumayun BOOTH: https://karasumashop.booth.pm/ VRChatID:ユマ・ラカンス