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    Gothic punk jacket (unisex) VRoid costume texture

    Published from : 2020/12/17 17:47:38

    Product Details

    This material was created with the beta version of VRoid Studio. This may not be available in the official version. Please be careful when purchasing. Since the jacket is separated from the inner, it can be used alone. * The inner is an image of only the part that can be seen from the jacket, so it cannot be used alone. ■VRoid Hub https://hub.vroid.com/characters/445503661079470738/models/8995297688105580825 This material can be used for commercial purposes by both companies and individuals. Please read the Terms of Use and Prohibited Items before using. ■ Set contents 〇texHKMRゴシックパンクジャケット_フルセット.zip ・ Upper body Jacket: HKMR_LHB_Jacket.png Necklace: HKMR_LHB_Accessory.png Choker: HKMR_skin_Choker.png ・ Inner 6 colors Blue: HKMR_LHB_innerB.png Black: HKMR_LHB_innerBK.png Green: HKMR_LHB_innerG.png Red: HKMR_LHB_innerR.png Violet: HKMR_LHB_innerV.png Yellow: HKMR_LHB_innerY.png ・ Lower body 3 colors Black: HKMR_LHB_PantsBK.png Red: HKMR_LHB_PantsR.png Violet: HKMR_LHB_PantsV.png ・ Shoes 5 colors Blue: HKMR_HC_shoesB.png Black: HKMR_HC_shoesBK.png Green: HKMR_HC_shoesG.png Red: HKMR_HC_shoesR.png Yellow: HKMR_HC_shoesY.png ---------------------- ■ How to use 〇Costume -Jacket (HKMR_LHB_Jacket): Import to the long coat (high neck) layer. -Necklace (HKMR_LHB_Accessory): Import to the layer below the jacket of the long coat (high neck). -Inner (HKMR_LHB_inner): Import to the layer below the jacket of the long coat (high neck). -Pants (HKMR_LHB_Pants): Import to the default image of pants. 〇 Shoes (HKMR_HC_shoes) -Import to the default image of high-cut shoes. 〇 Choker (HKMR_skin_Choker) -Import to the body type layer. 〇 Setting example on the VRoid side -Accessories: No tie / ribbon. -Basic color and lizard: White. ■ Confirmed version VRoid Studio beta version v0.11.2

    Terms of Use

    These Terms of Use are all in Japanese. The English rules are for reference only, and if there is a discrepancy or inconsistency between the content in Japanese and the content in another language, the content in Japanese will take precedence. ■Terms of service 〇 Design change / modification: OK * When combining this material with another material, it is possible only if the user has a license that suits the purpose of use for that material. 〇 Commercial use (individual / corporate): OK 〇 Sexual expression / violent expression: OK * R18 works must clearly indicate "R18" 〇 Use other than VRoid Studio: OK 〇 Use of avatar in VRChat other: OK 〇 Activities such as VTuber: OK 〇 Credit notation: Not required 〇 Contact when using: Not required * We are not responsible for any troubles caused by using this product. * Terms of use and prohibited items are subject to change without notice. ■Prohibited matter × Redistributing and selling this material and modified materials. * Publishing the model to VRoid Hub in a DL-enabled state and making the VRChat avatar public are prohibited as they are redistributed. × Hate speech to a specific individual, company, or group. Also, acts used for political and religious activities. × Acts that pretend to be created by yourself. The copyright is not abandoned.