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    [Free DL] CC0 Simple furniture bundle

    Published from : 2020/11/14 23:14:58

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    It is a simple furniture you can put it roughly and looks well. Since it looks plane, it is useful when you want to place a piece of furniture without changing the impression of the space, or when you want to temporarily place a piece of furniture until you can find one that fits the space. Free DL link ======== https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GGIfjr-T-ePLdpdTgRymdvbWEAins81s/view?usp=sharing Note: There is no difference between the paid version and the free version. Please purchase the paid version if you are willing to support the creation. Features ====== * You can use in VRChat * It is a 3D model, so it can be used for more than just VRChat * Same size as furniture in physical reality (1 unit in Unity = 1m) * CC0 * Messy UV map The size of the furniture is the same as that of physical reality, so it may be a little too large for mainstream avatars in VRChat. It is good for a kind of grayboxing to see size of the space you make. Since it is CC0, you don't have to rush to add credits when you are working on a project that has a deadline, even if you decide to release it with this furniture assets. One of the reasons I chose CC0 was because I wanted to have furniture assets that I could use without worrying about a deadline. It's also a study piece, though. It is not necessary, but credits and introductions are welcome. It is still a learning work, the UV maps are not clean. Some of the models are just applied "Smart UV Project" of Blender. I am not sure yet what a usable UV map or mesh topology would look like. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, I would be happy to hear them. However, I may not be able to reflect your suggestions due to lack of skill, time, or motivation. Contents ====== * Sofa * Center table * Cushion * Dining table * Dining chair * Stand light * Door * Plant pot with plant UnityPackage. License ===== CC0 Note: The textures are not my own work, but those distributed by CC0 as well. Change histories ========== * 2020-12-19 v0.1.1 Virtual Market 5 * 2020-11-27 v0.1.0 World Object Exhibition

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