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    Published from : 2020/10/24 20:01:15

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    Vket5 Dec 19, 2020 https://v-market.work/v5/catalog/circle/1605 Details - Animation file and Preview Scene - Music not included - Requires Unity 1. Import the Unity package 2. Open Scene(.unity) file to view the animation. There is a README after the package is imported. Version ==================== v1.0.0 (11/22/2020) - Manual fps adjustment of animation to the timing of the original within Unity Description ==================== This motion was created in VRChat in a certain World. So dances will not be as smooth as professional Motion capture systems. As well the world it was created in does not export timecodes due to decisions so animation may be slightly off from the original video. However the motion editor has spent many hours working in Unity to help fix issues. Thank you for your understanding. Credits ==================== Motion Captured from VRChat and Udon (https://www.vrchat.com) Instructions and Animation re-timings: POM

    Terms of Use

    After purchase, motion file is free to use and modify. [Redistribution must get permission from the Author] Please credit the original Author when it is convenient to do so as it is polite, such as videos and VRCWorlds. Credit must be given if used for commercial purposes.