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    BGM Materials 01_Chill/Night/Relax

    Sales start date : 2020/09/23 06:26:03

    Product Details

    This is a collection of BGM materials with a calm atmosphere. It can be used for various contents such as videos, live streaming, games, and VRChat world etc. There are four tracks in total, in two different formats, OGG and WAV. All tracks can be played in a loop. ◇Contents◇ ・E-piano-Quiet Sleep / 2:45 ・Guitar-Candlelight / 1:34 ・Piano-Serenity / 1:57 ・SynthPad-Nocturnal Mist / 3:00 All tracks are recorded in two formats: ogg(160 kbps) and wav(1411 kbps). ・Readme.txt ・Chill-Night-Relax Jacket.png ・Chill-Night-Relax Jacket-B.png ◇Sample◇ https://soundcloud.com/cymphis/sets/chillnightrelax

    Terms of Use

    ◇Prohibition◇ ・Resale ・Redistribution ・Use in an act that violates public order and morals ・Use in political activities