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    【VRoidStudio】Mens kimono【texture】

    Published from : 2020/08/15 16:02:55

    Product Details

    There were hakama type kimonos until now, but I didn't have a normal kimono until the end of the year, so I made it myself. It is a product for those who want to enjoy kimono more easily than the hakama during the New Year holidays. You can also use it for casual clothes such as kimono characters. Dress up your kimono in style! There are 5 types of "Omase Set", which are already combined according to the author's favorite coordinates. Since each item is not integrated, you can combine the items used for the 5 types of coordination separately. The Full Set is a set with more color variations. You can wear it in any combination of colors. [How to use] 1. Edit figure → Create a layer on the default and load the corrected body texture. Make more layers on top of that and import the favorite color 2. Edit costume → Change the upper body of the costume to "long coat (high neck)". Create four new layers and read in the order of kimono, obi, haori cord, and haori from the bottom. (Recommended costume setting) Inflate the whole-60 Flatten your shoulders 55 Inflate shoulder pads-10 Thicken sleeves 50 Unfold the sleeve (flat) 150 Thick West 70 Squeeze waist (rear)-50 Lengthening the hem 60 100 pursed hem Trying on is done at BOOTH. (This product is the same as the full set sold at BOOTH.) https://kzakt-fujisak.booth.pm/items/1754831

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