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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/12/26 13:19:48

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    Click here to try on! → https://kzakt-fujisak.booth.pm/items/2595922 This product is the same as Short Coat Full Set (all colors with muffler). A short trench coat-like texture for male VRoids. **************************** Please check these terms of use before purchasing. https://tomatoma326.wixsite.com/dusten/kiyaku **************************** Before the winter event, we created a men's short coat that is easy to use for dates and everyday wear. This time, it's a little mature, and it's a design that is easy to wear even for older brother VRoid and uncle VRoid. A muffler texture that can be combined with other costumes is also included as a bonus. It is more profitable than purchasing each set separately, so please use it. **************************** + The coordination used for the TOP image + Roll-up color jeans https://kzakt-fujisak.booth.pm/items/2208936 **************************** +++ Contents +++ [Full set] ·black ·gray ·Blue gray ·beige ·wine ·khaki ・ Navy ·Brown ・ Muffler basic (plain) 8 colors ・ 8 colors of muffler check ・ One muffler shadow 8 coat colors x 16 muffler colors x shadow 25 texture **************************** The author will be very pleased if you tweet with "#dust coordination" on Twitter!

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