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    Deracine-strangers song-

    Sales start date : 2020/08/10 21:53:39

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    This is 11-tracks album with multiple chorus in fictional language(using VOCALOID). It's a narrative album of a Girl who lost her hometown and a Boy with amnesia. It's like a soundtracks of Fantasy RPG game. 1.Strangers song 2.Rita -song of nostalgia- 3.Ende -the eternal wanderer- 4.Grassland horizon 5.Caravan "Solare" 6.Children's song in rural 7.End of the wind 8.Port town in flowers 9.Requiem -her second departure- 10.Deracine 11.Their journey continues web:https://deracine773.tumblr.com/ If you are looking for [CD version], please purchase from BOOTH. https://nanamip.booth.pm/

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