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    Vending machine style booth template For support

    Published from : 2020/07/22 08:32:59

    Product Details

    A template for creating a booth for exhibiting in the virtual market or parallel market. There is no difference in content from the free distribution. Please purchase here only if you want to work hard with each other. Production/Distribution Kasuka 【Feature】  Why is it a vending machine?  The vending machines are installed all over Japan, regardless of whether it is outdoors or indoors. In other words, it doesn't matter if you put it in any venue.  Even if the booth is not assimilated with the surroundings, it seems that there is no help for a vending machine.  There is no sense of discomfort even when displaying product descriptions and POP.  By installing a avatar pedestal on the button, you can arrange the exhibition model freely.  Since it is a button, you can guess that something will happen if you touch it. (The pedestal shaped like a sign may not be noticed.) 【function】  Because a bloom mesh is prepared for the button part, you can make the button shine. 【Contents】  ・Jihann.unitypackage  ・Jihann.fbx  ・Jihann.blend (Blender v2.93.1)  ・Jihann.png texture  ・Jihann.afphoto : texture layer character graphic vector  ・jihann.psd : texture layer character graphics are imaged  ・UV folder : File group that exports UV layout  ・Explanation folder : File intended to convey usage (Japanese only) 【contact information】  Twitter:@KASUKA10954963  Discode:KASUKA#3812

    Terms of Use

    ・Permit Use it for all kinds of work to create a booth to exhibit in the virtual market or parallel market. Installation in homebrew world etc. (The ones that were exhibited, all the prototype versions, the ones that I tried to make but died, the ones I didn't exhibit but tried to make) Avatar that turns into a booth ·Prohibited matter Redistribution of the distribution file as it is. (Please feel free to download the ones distributed by Kasuka.)