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    Published from : 2020/07/01 14:46:44

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    Watameko's V.V.V. 2019 2nd Stage, a virtual idol discovery event This is a swimsuit created for the Mermaid Shangri-La stage in A rigged swimsuit avatar that can be worn on any avatar and This is a set of models dressed on mannequins that can be kept as interior decorations. Please note that this product contains only the costumes and mannequins. Please note that the body and avatar are not included in the set. Contents] Rigged Swimwear Model FBX Number of polygons (3,314) Number of materials 3 Mannequin Swimsuit Model (no rig) unitypackage (includes both swimwear and mannequin models) 5 textures (including 1 normal map and 1 shadow texture) [About this model] This model has been confirmed to work with 6-point tracking on VRChat and VRM. The armature of this model has Upper_chest. Please remove Upper_chest from Rig when using with VRC. There are shape-keys on the bust and collar of the swimsuit that allow for slight size adjustments. This model is made to fit your body and may not be suitable for you to wear depending on your model. The shader uses UTS 2.0. Before importing the model's unitypackage, please use the included "UTS2_ The "ShaderOnly_v2.0.7_Release.unitypackage" has been installed. Port. For more information about UTS2.0, click here. http://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0

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