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    Published from : 2020/04/29 21:44:01

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    Data for the original manga "TURARA -The World Without Colors-" (42p) is also included. * A cane is also included in the 3D model "Keirin-kanrinin-" 【story】 There is a cost to recover what is lost. The price is not something or time, but memory. May this memory become part of a new world ... If you receive this message, I'm sure-- A 3D model of the character "Manager" that appears in Turara's original manga "TURARA -The World Without Colors-". [Request] Please contact @ ajnt0 on twitter If it is determined that improvement is necessary, we will respond by upgrading. Content ■ Terms of use (readme.txt) ■ Introduction method (Introduction.txt)

    Terms of Use

    model name:管理人-kanrinin- ver:1.00 Date;2020/3/3 Creators:えーじぇんと(@ajnt0) · When using this model in an arbitrary format such as use / distribution as an avatar I agree to these terms of service. ●notes · It is no problem even if you do profit activities (earn money) with video distribution etc. using this model. However, redistribution and sale of data and texture of this model are prohibited at all, with or without change. · Political and religious use, use for the purpose of slandering certain individuals and organizations is prohibited. · The producer is not responsible for damage, loss, or other disadvantage of contents using this model. ●About sexual expression and violent expression · If there is no violation of the above prohibited matter, there are no regulations in particular. ●About modification · This model data can be modified and used. Also, you can freely modify within the scope not to violate the above-mentioned restrictions. ●About this model ・Unity2017.4.15f1 ・Humanoid ・EmoteSwitch V3 ・UnityChanToonShaderVer2(v2.0.5)  →https://gend-vrchat.booth.pm/items/1242826 Import the following before importing unitypackage, the setting will be reflected. ・VRCSDK ・DynamicBone  →http://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0 Terms of service are subject to change and revision without notice. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter:@ajnt0 mail:ajnt190@gmail.com WEB:ajntcity.com -----------------------------------------------------------------