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    Original 3D model "So-chan" Ver. 4.0.0

    Published from : 2020/04/28 23:33:48

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    # About this 3D model Number of polygons ... Normal version: 25076, Only body: 20386, Quest version: 4994 VRChat related: * Rip sync ... Yes * Eye tracking ... Yes * Full body tracking ... Yes - Animation for facial expression ... 6 types are already set in the attached unitypackage (Some expressions are different for sitting) You can set it freely using shape keys. - Shader ... Arktoon-Shaders is already set in the attached unitypackage Other shaders can also be set if introduced separately It does not guarantee the operation. If you have any inquiries regarding Socho, please contact: Twitter: @socho_v E-Mail : sochovr@gmail.com

    Terms of Use

    *** This English translation of a Terms of Use provided to you are for your convenience only and, in all cases, the Japanese version will govern. *** By purchasing "So-chan" (hereinafter "the 3D model"), it is considered that you have agreed to these terms of use. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, and the latest version is valid. The latest version of the terms and conditions will be announced on the web (Twitter and booth.pm). The copyright of this 3D model belongs to Socho (the "creator") with or without modification. 1. Permits and Denials The following shows the purposes and applications for which the purchaser can or can not use this 3D model. 1-a. Upload to VRChat as an avatar that can only be used by the purchaser ... Possible DO NOT upload using "Public" settings, and DO NOT use with Avatar pedestal. 1-b. Commercial use ... Possible It can be used for video works, game works and more. 1-c. Use for adult (R-18, R-18G) content ... Possible Please take care not to see minors or anyone you do not want to see. 1-d. Modification use ... Possible It can be used by modifying 3D data and textures, or combining some data with other 3D models. Please note the terms and conditions of other 3D models. 1-e. Redistribution ... Prohibited All data contained in this 3D model, except for Arktoon-Shaders, can not be redistributed or resold, with or without modification. As an exception, it is possible to pass modification data between purchaser (between individuals). 2. Other Prohibited Matters In addition to 1-e, the following actions are prohibited. If the creator determines that there is an act that is a prohibited matter, the creator can request that this 3D model user be banned from using it. 2-a. Sales and distribution of works in a form that allows non-purchasers to extract 3D model data Please be careful when producing game works etc. 2-b. Act against public order and morals, and slander act against other people 2-c. Anti-social acts and illegal acts 2-d. Act promoting 2-b and 2-c 2-e. Use of this 3D model for political and religious activities 2-f. Other acts that impair the impression of this 3D model, and acts that cause disadvantage to the creator 3. Disclaimer The creator is not liable for any losses incurred in connection with this 3D model. Terms of Use Establishment Date: March 10, 2019 (First Edition)