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    Published from : 2020/04/19 16:53:05

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    This text is from Google Translate ■ Update information (last updated on November 30, 2020) ・ VRM compatible → On November 30, 2020, the corresponding version has been uploaded. ・ Dealing with the inner thigh phenomenon → Corrected in April 2019. The remedy is described at the bottom of this page. ■ Overview ・ I wanted to create a good looking 3D model, so I made it. ↓ "Speaking of good looking, powered suit" ↓ "What kind of powered suit will make you look good?" ↓ "If you look at various examples, do you feel that it is good to mix well while having both human and mechanical feelings?" ↓ "Isn't this because the powered suit is just an extension of human ability, and the mechanical exterior itself is not the main body?" ↓ We assembled an exterior with a mechanical feel while leaving a human feeling = muscular feeling. -Assuming use in Unity and VRChat (Avatar, not equipment!) ・ In addition to VRChat, please feel free to use Unity, UnrealEngine, VR, AR, games, apps, etc. ・ 68405 polygon ・ Humanoid rig ・ Confirmed operation as a Humanoid avatar on VRChat ■ Folder structure ・ Model folder PowerdSuit.fbx ・ UnityPackage folder PowerdSuit.unitypackage It will be Unity package data containing models, textures and materials. ・ VRM folder It will be a VRM format model. ■ How to use on VRChat -Create a project with Unity version 2017.4.15f1 ・ Download VRC SDK from the official website Please import VR SDK from Assets → Import Package → Custom Package. -You can expand PowerdSuit.unitypackage, open the main scene, and upload it as an avatar. ■ Future support schedule ・ Sale of 3D printed products ・ Oculus Quest compatible ・ Full body tracking support ■ Terms of use and disclaimer ・ It is assumed that you have agreed to these Terms of Use at the time of purchasing this model. The terms of use are subject to change and the latest ones apply. -The author does not take any responsibility for any trouble or loss caused by using this data or modified ones. ・ Commercial use = possible It can be used for commercial purposes, but the copyright belongs to the creator, Ishiyama Tokina. ・ Modification = possible You can freely modify and use it, such as changing the material. ・ Redistribution = not possible It is prohibited for a third party to use this model in a state where it can be easily used. It is possible for the purchaser to use it as his own avatar, but it is prohibited to use it as a pedestal such as World production of VRChat. Please upload in Private to prevent avatar copy. -Prohibit use for politics, religion, or degrading others. ■ Remarks ・ If you have any questions, problems, or other impressions about the model https://twitter.com/IshiyamaTokina Please feel free to contact us! ・ Tools used ZBrush, 3D-Coat ・ Participation in Virtual Market 2 Museum C booth name Ishiya Market ■ Dealing with the inner thigh phenomenon In April 2019 The problem that "the model becomes introverted when idle when doing nothing" has been confirmed. We have found the cause and remedy for this problem and will report it. The cause is that the default animation set parameter Male and Female settings of the VRC avatar descriptor script are reversed by default in the VRChat SDK that can be downloaded from the VRChat official as of March 7, 2019. Reference link: https://twitter.com/s_asagiri_v/status/1117038896347410432 If you are experiencing this inner thigh phenomenon and do not want to make the motion when idle, please upload it after setting it to Female as a countermeasure. (As a side effect, please note that motions other than idle will be female) (Also, if the latest version of VRChat SDK does not cause the inner thigh phenomenon, no change is necessary.)

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