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    Published from : 2020/04/17 18:36:12

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    These are 3D chocolates with bars. They are a cute little chocolate with a subtle shape that is vaguely reminiscent of a Mendako-chan [https://a-suka09.booth.pm/items/1639771] but could be called a rabbit shape. I think that the shader forgot to change the setting for the single-sided display, so please change it to both sides of the bar. ● Credits. Author:Asukapan twitter https://twitter.com/a_suka09 Site https://asukapan.com/ Candy with a stick uses Unity Girl Toon Shader Ver. 2.0. The candy on a stick uses Unity-chan Toon Shader Ver. 2.0, which is included in Unitypackage. Contents tex folder - normal version of textures, AO and UV png, layered psd for modification tex2 folder - for a reduced version of the above chokobou.fbx - Normal version of fbx data chokobou2.fbx - Reduced version of fbx data chokobou.unitypackage readme_JP.txt readme_EN.txt How to use it It will probably be too big as it is, so please adjust the size to suit your avatar. If you want to change the texture, drag & drop your favorite texture into the BaseMap field of the material. If you want to use chokobou2.fbx, please use the textures in the tex2 folder.

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    Terms of Use(Last updated Feb 15, 2020) By downloading this data, you agree to the terms of use. What you can do Personal and Commercial Use Use for all ages, R-18 and R-18G Modification of the model If you use this data, credit is optional. (But we would be happy if you write them down.) Feel free to use it for vrchat, game creation, and video production. Prohibited items You may distribute and sell the data only with or without modification (it is OK to include the data as part of a game to be distributed or sold). Pretending to be the author Hate or use of offensive content in a work that is directed at an actual person, group or entity and any other things that would cause trouble for the producer.