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    Original 3D Models for VRChat "NO.3"

    Published from : 2020/04/17 13:44:04

    Product Details

    VRChat original avatar "NO.3" This model was created in the image of a cyberpunk world, with a hoodie and leg cover on top of an inner suit, and a girl who is good at electronic warfare. Since we were particular about shaping the inner suit, you can enjoy a more textured body line by combining it with a rubber suit-like or fiber-like matcap. In addition, the headphones are distributed free of charge to those who have purchased them, so you can use them other than this product. (NO_3Headphone folder) (may need to be adjusted separately) Since v1.4, the specifications have changed a lot compared to the previous version. Therefore, we will update the readme here. Outline This model has been created for VRChat and PC version. For uploading to VRChat, please refer to the official VRChat installation instructions. A pre-configured Prefab is available. NO.3_1.4 and NO.3_1.4 (NO DynamicBone) are directly under the folder "NO.3_1.4" that is generated directly under the Asset when you install this UnityPackage. It is very easy to upload avatars by dragging and dropping them onto Hierarchy and following the VRChat avatar upload procedure. Various explanations There are a lot of features in this game, so I'll try to explain them briefly. For more detailed information, please ask us on the Discord server or Twitter. Discord:https://discord.gg/DkU8EsY About Prefab "NO.3_1.4" is the normal version of Prefab, but if you install DynamicBone (paid), your hair will shake. "NO.3_1.4(NO DynamicBone)" If you don't have the above DynamicBone, please use this one. "NO.3_1.4Custom" This is a more detailed model of the clothing mesh than the normal version of Prefab. If you do not want to modify the model, please use either of the above two prelabs. "NO.3CustomClothes is a set of NO.3 outfits for avatars that use the other Bodyset2 models distributed by FLASTORE. The HeadphoneCustom mesh is a mesh that includes the NO_3Headphone (a model of a headphone that comes with bones and can be resized freely) that was distributed before v1.3. You can use either of the Headphone meshes if you prefer. About the contents of the zip file In addition to the unitypackage and readme, you will receive 2 Blend files for modification, 3 FBX only files, 6 PSD data files, and 1 VRM data file (old version). Differences from previous versions The avatar body has been changed to "Bodyset2", which is the same body as the avatars distributed by FLASTORE. This allows for a wider selection of outfits for modification, optimized modeling, and improved movement. The hair has been heavily modified, and the blendshapes of the face have been redesigned. Please note that texture compatibility has been compromised for hair, face, and body. Be sure to make a backup and uncheck the import checkbox before installing, as some of the textures may be replaced when updating. Introduction of Quest version Since v1.4.1, the latest version of Quest is included in the download folder. After creating a UnityProject with Android as the target, please import NO.3Quest_1.4 in the download folder. The upload procedure is the same as the PC version. This model has not been reduced in polygon count, so it will be in VeryPoor state. Please be forewarned. Model Specifications (Normal Specifications) Number of polygons 59598 Number of skinned meshes 4 Number of material slots 9 Dynamic bone count 17 Avatar3.0 supported Avatar2.0 not supported VRM included

    Terms of Use

    ● Terms of use ・This model is an original 3D model created by the creator name "FLANK"/"Feedback03" (Twitter@flankmelody0319) (hereinafter the creator), and the copyright belongs to the creator. Also, the copyright of the mesh data of the shoes belongs to the creator name "Garazoo" (Twitter@GARAZOO1). ‥ ・This model data refers to everything contained in the downloaded zip folder. ・These terms are effective the moment you purchase or obtain the product, and the user is deemed to have agreed to the terms. ・The contents of this agreement may be revised by the manufacturer without notice. ・The creator (author) shall not be liable for any troubles, damages, losses, etc. due to the use of this model. ・The latest terms and conditions are always applied. ・The creator reserves the right to take legal measures for illegal or inappropriate posting, use that violates public order and morals, and use that does not follow these guidelines. Please read the following sentence carefully before using. ① What you can do ・Upload as an avatar to VRChat with Private settings. ・For other games and tools, this model data included in the main unit can not be easily downloaded for personal use. ・Personal use by modifying or remodeling this model data using the terms of use or legally permitted data. ・When transferring or modifying some data such as mesh data, materials, and animations included in this model to another model (please check after confirming the terms of use of the other model.) ・NSFW modification (publication is prohibited when an unspecified number of people are visible) ・ Upload as a world object or NPC avatar in a state where unspecified number of people cannot download. ・Post an image of this model data to SNS or website. ・When posting a video shot by this model on a video posting site such as YouTube or Nico Nico Douga regardless of commercial use. ② What you cannot do ・Sale, distribution, or free distribution of some or all of this model data so that it can be obtained by an unspecified number of people. ・Sale, distribution, and free distribution of some or all of this model data modified so that it can be obtained by an unspecified number of people. ・Use part of this model data, or sell, distribute, and distribute model data with a remarkably similar design. ・When using the avatar pedestal of VRChat to make it available to the general public. (However, try-on avatar pedestal ID can be used.  (Avtr_11fad4dd-731a-4963-bfc6-ce7f12287cae)) ・In addition, sale, distribution, free distribution in the state where an unspecified number of people can freely use as avatars. ・In the case of services other than VRChat, an unspecified number of people can use it as model data. ・Acts that violate public order and morals, political, religious, slanderous purposes, and similar acts in places where the unspecified majority can be seen. ・Other usages that the creator or author deems inappropriate. ③ What we want the producer to obtain permission to use ・Distribution and sale of costumes using materials that can be personally produced or used commercially using the data of this model. ・Activities based on this model, mainly for live distribution used by corporations. (Vtuber etc.) ・Commercial use using only the images of this model data such as product packages and acrylic figures.