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    VRC うどんクライミングスクリプト

    公開日 : 2021/07/06 05:30:53


    Here is the climbing script I developed for Yeet Party, isolated as its own prefab. This script will allow you to climb along any collider set to any layer that you spesify within the Wall Grab Layer. You can jump from surface to surface as well as fling yourself from surface to surface. There is also an optional stamina system with the optional ability to attach a HUD to show your stamina. This hud can be customized to your liking so long as it makes its changes based on a text field and the set parameter. To try out this script, you can see it in action in the fallowing worlds: Yeet Party: https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_e08e5177-2a7f-49c9-8d60-c7a99ca257af Speed Climbers: https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_f050e53a-2e5b-49a6-a018-dc37c50a4724 To install this script you will need Udon and Udon Sharp Get Udon Here: https://vrchat.com/home/download Get Udon Sharp Here: https://github.com/MerlinVR/UdonSharp/releases/ ===Notes=== -In desktop, you have a virtual head to the left and right of your viewpoint. Using left and right mouse click you will grip based on that side of the screen -The climbing does not use teleport, so you can fling yourself from a wall with enough force. -This script allows gripping onto moving objects so long as LHGrabPoint and RHGrabPoint transforms exist within the prefab.