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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    ~Hole in the Floor for any avatar~

    Published from : 2024/06/03 19:04:02

    Product Details

    From ~rin's magic atelier~, second magical product! ・Create a hole in the floor in any world! Only you can get inside! ・You can make the hole world-fixed or following you, also resize the hole! ・Easy to edit! Design your own underworld! ・Monster hiding under sewer? Mermaid under the sea? Macho stuck in the floor? Infinite possible avatar ideas with this gimmick! ・A water shader and well model is included! You can try pretending the ghost in The Ring series with it! ・Install with easy to use one-click installation system! (WR 04.36s) This product contain ・Unitypackage  ・Hole in the Floor gimmick and one-click installation system  ・Original shader for the gimmick to work  ・A simple water shader and well model No other dependencies are needed! Note ・The avatar and some model used in the videos or pictures are not included. ・A simple water shader and well model are included in the package. Build your own room with 3D model you own or find it on Booth! ・This gimmick are not Quest supported. ・Animations made with Write Default ON, but it should work fine in Write Default OFF. ・Assets are made with Unity2022, behavior in Unity2019 are not tested. Part of the assets used in the demonstration Manhole: https://booth.pm/en/items/1378479 Dunkleosteus: https://booth.pm/en/items/4300905

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    The following actions are not allowed with this product: ・Use to infringe on the rights of others ・Use for political, religious, or slanderous purposes ・Misrepresenting or misleading the creator ・Redistribution