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    【Shaclo - Winter用】ねこ耳パーカー - Pullover Hoodie v1.0.0

    Published from : 2020/04/07 20:31:01

    Product Details

    [Discount on Vket 4] Normally 1,300 yen to 1,100 yen Till the end of V-Ket 4. This is a cat ears hoodie for winter wear Sherlo. It's already skinned and can be dressed in Unity only! It comes in three patterns: vivid, plain, and ba-bi-meat logo! 11.13.2019 - Released. [Summary] This data is provided by ΔS.I.N. This costume is designed to be worn to Shaclo -Winter-, which is now on sale. https://booth.pm/ja/items/1572472 This data can be transferred to other models. The attached data are PullOver.unitypackage PSD for modification readme This is the case. PullOverHoodie is pre-skinned for winter clothes Charlo. You can complete the dress-up on Unity. You can use UTS2 as a material. You can use UTS2 as a material, so you don't need to do anything else. We do not need any additional operations. Commercial Use: Permitted The sale or transfer of this data itself is prohibited. You may not sell or give away this data itself. Modification: Permitted You can modify this data by yourself. However, you can modify this data by yourself. R18 content: Permitted This data is only available when the model wearing the data permits it. Secondary distribution: Prohibited. Secondary distribution of the data accompanying this content, whether modified or unmodified, is prohibited. Please contact us if you want to correct or NPC the Vket. Upload to services that use VRChat or VRM is allowed. * Only if the model data wearing this data allows it. Pedestalization of VRChat: Prohibited Models wearing this data are prohibited, even if they are permitted to do so. [Contact. https://twitter.com/sinkunvv [Update History] ● 2019.11.13 - v1.0.0 release [Booth version here] https://sworks.booth.pm/items/1672809 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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