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    Hanging basket of colorful cherry tomatoes

    Published from : 2023/12/02 04:48:30

    Product Details

    カラフルミニトマトのハンギングバスケット 製作者:まど小海 【更新履歴】2023 12/02 ver.1.00 リリース 【内容】 ・FBX 3Dモデルデータ ・glTFファイル(.glb) ・テクスチャー (3枚) ・Unityパッケージ FBX,glbファイル、テクスチャー等が入っています。 【モデル概要】 ・△ポリゴン数 /描画読み出し (ファイル名) △37756 / 179(HangingBasketA_ver32.glb) △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add4.glb) →1メッシュ、4マテリアルに統合したもの。 △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add7red.glb) →赤色 △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add7green.glb) →緑色 △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add7orange.glb) →オレンジ色 △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add7purple.glb) →やや紫色 △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add7yellow.glb) →黄色 △37756 / 4 (HangingBasketA_ver32_add7white.glb) →白色 △5039 / 30 (minitomato_orange_V01.glb) △5039 / 30 (minitomato_purple_V01.glb) △5039 / 30 (minitomato_red_V01.glb) △5039 / 30 (minitomato_white_V01.glb) △5039 / 30 (minitomato_yellow_V01.glb)

    Terms of Use

    【terms of service】 Buyers can: ・Upload to any VRSNS service (VRChat, Virtual Cast, cluster, etc. VRSNS) as a premise that only the purchaser can use it. ・Use by modifying the model ・Combine only part of the model with other models ・Convert and use data in another format (VRM, MMD PMX, etc.) ・Indirect commercial use within personal scope is possible (use as background material for distribution, games, comics, etc.) ・When personal circles develop and sell games using doujin software, it is OK to use them as in-game items. - If you are developing a game as a team, you can use it in multiple titles as long as the circle representative purchases it. However, if the information is used for activities outside the circle to which the circle member belongs or for purposes other than game development, Please purchase separately by the circle member who will be using it. 【Prohibited matter】 ・Redistribution or sale of this model or download package is prohibited. ・Use for political, religious activities, or for the purpose of slandering others is prohibited. ・It is prohibited to register this model itself in NFT art by falsely using the name of the creator of this model (madokoumi/madokoumi). - Also, it is prohibited to register this model as NFT art under another registrant's name by pretending that you created this model yourself. →This measure is due to the fact that there is currently no law in place regarding NFT art in Japan. I have specified this because there is a possibility that I, as the creator, may suffer undue damage. → Also, this model is mainly intended for use in VRChat, and the use or solicitation of NFTs on VRChat may violate Steam's rules and policies. Steam has a policy of banning blockchain games that include virtual currency. This seems to be the same for VRSNS developed on Steam. [Disclaimer] The author does not take any responsibility if any problems occur using this data. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change without notice. 【Copyright】 The copyright of this model belongs to the model creator "Mado Koumi". however, Regarding textures and model changes after modification, I acknowledge that the copyright belongs to the person who made the changes, but The person making the changes shall be responsible for any problems that may arise.