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    Original avatars for VRChat AOI Ver3.0

    Published from : 2023/11/28 10:36:44

    Product Details

    ************************************ Sorry. The documentation for this product is only available in Japanese. Please purchase only if you understand Japanese. ************************************ Original avatars for VRChat AOI Ver3.0 Try on avatars VRChat world : jamzo avatars {Assets used (must be installed)} liltoon FaceEmo (Modular Avatar is included) Installation procedure is described in the instruction manual included in the package. {Contents} AOIv3.unitypackage  AOI body  HighCollerTunktopCode outfit  WildWave Hair  CasketLong Hair  Swimsuit  Roomware  Individual prefabs and pre-setup prefabs are included. The pre-setup prefab can be uploaded to VRChat as it is. CizukuV3_Additional Materials.unitypackage  Cizuku body  Detective outfit  Loungewear  Swimsuit  Please replace the materials and textures in Unity. (Instructions are provided in the instruction manual.) Blender file (3.6) FBX files for each Instruction manual (japanease only) {Contact Information} We have not confirmed that it works with anything other than unity2019.4.31f1. Due to the nature of downloadable products, we cannot accept returns or refunds. {Change History} November 28, 2023 Additional contents: A sketchy negligee was added. November 28, 2023 ver3.00 All the functions have been completely renewed from Ver. 2.0. Sales of the product on VketStore have started.

    Terms of Use

    License The template of VN3 license ( https://www.vn3.org/ ) created by Hiroko Ashiyama (@hiorko_TB) is used. Please see the outline in the product image. The text is included in the package. Aoi_vn3license_en.pdf Please refer to the enclosed Cizuku_vn3license_en.pdf for the text.