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    Published from : 2023/11/23 08:04:30

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    For more information, visit BOOTH at https://decoranaige.booth.pm/items/4754706 Outline We created a pair of shorts for Maiya-chan (+ other avatars) that are very tight. We will be making major readjustments to Moe, Celestia, and Kikyo. We expect to adjust some weights for Maïya. [Caution! (1) This is just a pair of shorts, so other lingerie is not included. (2) This product uses lilToon. If you have not installed it, please use lilToon shader by lilLab first. https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Product introduction This is a little bit mature and sexy panties. The shorts are only for shorts, so other ringerie are not included. We also include several color variations (tex & material) as an extra. Please make detailed adjustments from your own shaders. (PSD data is also included.) Modular Avatar version can be grabbed and shifted. List of ✨Compatible Avatars✨ Original 3D model "Moe" Ver.1.02 https://kyubihome.booth.pm/items/4667400 Original 3D model "Maiya" Ver. 1.02.2 https://kyubihome.booth.pm/items/3390957 Original 3D model "Celestia" ver1.02 https://booth.pm/ja/items/4035411 Original 3D model "Kikyo https://booth.pm/ja/items/3681787 Lime" -Lime- [Original 3D model https://komado.booth.pm/items/4876459 Original 3D model "Manuka" ver1.01.1 https://jingo1016.booth.pm/items/5058077 Contents prefab  -Normal Avatar version  -Modular Avatar version There are two shape keys for fabric displacement. Texture  -PSD  -png Material animation  -Animation files  -AnimationController file FBX PSD How to use Normal version  Confirmed by Kisetene. Modular Avatar version  Just throw in the avatar and setup is complete.

    Terms of Use

    Prohibited acts  (1) Redistribution, resale, uploading in a state that allows unspecified number of people to copy the data.   *Do not distribute or sell the data almost as it is.  (2) General acts that infringe on copyrights, such as making remarks of one's own creation.  (3) Exchanging data with a person who has no history of purchase.  (4) Political or religious use is prohibited.  (5) Alteration using the name (including abbreviation) or logo of other stores.    Permitted acts  (1) Personal use (when the prohibited items are not violated)  (2) Use for avatar modification and other 3D works is permitted.  (3) Basically, we permit the use of sexual or violent expressions, but if you want to use it on your avatar, please follow the terms and conditions of the product you are selling.  (4) For commercial use of videos, etc., I will be happy to be contacted and credited. We may advertise your product here, but it is not required.    The rights of this product belong to "Yukimi Midou". We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this data.