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    [MA compatible] VRC pole arm system manual

    Published from : 2023/11/20 16:45:39

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    *VketStore only distributes manuals. Due to maintenance reasons, it is only sold at Booth. https://ogaki.booth.pm/items/5228194 *English version is translated by DeepL. The English version is not included in the product version. I apologize for the lack of support. This is an avatar gimmick for VRChat. This is a system that allows you to freely swing long weapons (pole arms) such as spears, sickles, battle axes, and halberds. You can hold the handle anywhere you like and hold it with both hands. If you use Modular Avator and have already configured prefabs, you can implement them simply by dragging and dropping and positioning them. The sample is converted to the world below. If you want to check the feel, please check here. https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_061d7461-71fa-4628-9ab8-dcac1e558ecb ---function--- Functions on VRchat • Ability to hold anywhere on the handle of the pole arm. • Ability to hold the pole arm in either the right or left hand. • Ability to hold the pole arm with the opposite hand • Ability to adjust direction from right hand to left hand and from left hand to right hand when holding the pole arm with both hands. • Ability to secure pole arm in storage location • Ability to almost completely synchronize the above transitions and coordinates. • Ability to fix pole arm to world coordinates • Ability to hide pole arms • Ability to summon a pole arm to the right hand when the world is fixed. • A function to display a marker on the hand currently gripping the pole arm only locally. Items whose settings can be changed on the Unity side • Grasp position of left and right hands • Storage location • Pattern length (1cm to infinity) • Grasp judgment size • Model of handle and tip. -Method of operation- Grab: Make hand sign into a fist Release: Make hand sign neutral World fixed: Make the grasping hand a finger point Storing: Rock and roll with one-handed primary hand Such -Introduction method- ・For configured prefab Place it directly under your avatar in D&D. ・When setting the model Follow the instructions and click a lot of D&D -Contents- ・Instruction manual.pdf ・Unity package ├Various files essential for operation ├Pre-configured sample prefab ├Unconfigured plane prefab └Pre-set sample avatar scene ---Terms and conditions Other--- Terms of Use v2 apply. https://ogaki.booth.pm/items/3923172 I would be happy if you could make a compatible third-party product. Modular Avatar Official Manual https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev/ja/docs/distributing-prefabs/

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    Terms of Use v2 apply. https://ogaki.booth.pm/items/3923172