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    3つのアバター対応❌Jiangshi-Doll❌ ─ VRChat向け衣装モデル

    Published from : 2023/10/29 09:02:21

    Product Details

    ハロウィンが近づく記念に、セールを行います! 他のアバターも対応予定ですので、多くの関心をお願いします! ハロウィンコスプレができる可愛いチャイナドレスです。 かわいいアンデッドになってみてください! 床に座った時きれいに広がるように調整されています!

    Terms of Use

    You agree to these Terms of Use at the time you purchase this model. The terms of use are subject to change and will be applied in accordance with the latest terms and conditions. ▶ BOOTH can be used in product photos. ▶ Use Vtuber OK ▶ Please make sure to purchase both when using it for avatar commission. It is essential to check each other's purchase details. File exchange is prohibited. (Purchasers can communicate with each other.) ▶ You are free to modify this model. The copyright of this model and the modified data shall be vested in Unless Heaven. ▶ Upload model data such as VRChat of this model and modified model, and allow it to be used for services used as avatars.  ▶ The Unless Heaven is not responsible for any trouble or loss caused by the use of this model or modified model. ▶Redistribution or sale of this model and modified models is prohibited. ▶ It is prohibited from being used for political, religious, or slanderous purposes. ▶Not available for public avatars.