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    [[VRChat Assumed Avatar] 100 yen Sushi-Hamachi & Ikura- [VRM]

    Published from : 2023/11/26 16:44:49

    Product Details

    3D model created by blender. Details of the product are here. It is about the same except that there are only two kinds of neta (Hamachi and Ikura). https://store.vket.com/ja/items/6984 UnityPackage for VRChat is attached. It is Quest-compatible, so you can use it as-is with the prescribed upload method. (The Quest version will be verypoor.) It should be POOR, so please reduce gimmicks, etc. if you are concerned about it. The VRM version is attached only as a version without plates. Rotation gimmicks and story change gimmicks are not implemented. Also, due to shader reasons, the appearance has been adjusted slightly. This version can be used with Cluster, Virtualcast, and other VRM-enabled services. You can use it as you like, such as putting your favorite ingredients on it. You can change items and rotate sushi from the Ex menu. If you have any questions, please contact us. Recently, more and more conveyor-belt sushi restaurants are not charging 100 yen plus tax. Conveyor-belt sushi used to turn just fine right after it was launched, but about two months later, there was a problem, and it eventually started to not turn at all. I wonder if my sushi contents are becoming a thing of the past. Also, since this is the first installment, the next installment of the 100-yen sushi series will be released when the mood strikes.

    Terms of Use

    Commercial use is allowed. R-18 and R-18G expressions are allowed. R-18 and R-18G expressions are allowed, if possible. You can use it in Youtube distribution, etc. Redistribution is not allowed. For more information, please refer to the following link. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KLUxHMhVoZoy2XiFzPnUTR1cwN1bEKS8?usp=sharing