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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    [VRChat avatar/asset] Yunomi

    Published from : 2023/11/25 07:38:07

    Product Details

    3D model created by blender. A UnityPackage for VRChat is included. It is Quest compliant, so you can use it as is with the prescribed upload method. A VRM version is also included, but it has no particular gimmicks. In VRChat, you can turn on/off the sit decision from the Ex menu. The asset can be used as a simple teacup asset, and can also be used as a gimmick during AFK. We have tested the AFK animation and found that in some cases it can be used and in other cases it cannot. We plan to adjust for the problem at a later date, but if you can set it up on your own, you should be able to use it with no problem.

    Terms of Use

    Commercial use is allowed. R-18 and R-18G expressions are allowed. If it is possible. You can use it in Youtube distribution, etc. Redistribution is not allowed. For more information, please refer to the following link. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KLUxHMhVoZoy2XiFzPnUTR1cwN1bEKS8?usp=sharing