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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2023/11/21 12:59:50

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    This is a slightly larger illumination set (40 pieces x 3 colors) that would decorate a garden. All of them flash and glow with original shaders, and we recommend using Bloom from the Post Processing Stack. It is lightweight because it uses Matcap textures, and it is very easy to change the emission color, blink speed, etc. from the material. Please place each asset in the world from the Prefab folder. [TubeLights_prefab] Cone Tube Light L Cone Tube Light M Cone Tube Light S Fence light short Fence Light Long Fence Light Corner Drape light Drape light triple Large drape light with star Large drape light with star Half size for wall Ceiling drape light Three series of drape lights for ceiling 6 arched tube lights 6 arched tube lights, 12 arched tube lights [CurtainLights_Prefab] Half-size curtain light Half-size curtain light, 3 strands Full-size curtain light Curtain light full size 3strands Curtain light + tassel right side Curtain light + tassel (left side) *LODs for curtain lights are set in consideration of load. When changing the material color, apply the material to each LOD as well. [StringLights_Prefab] Single StringLights Moon Single StringLights Moon, line type Single StringLight Snowflake Single StringLight Star Single StringLight Star Mini Single StringLight Star Line String light star mini String light star mini 3strands String light star large and small String light star large and small 3strands String light star and moon String light star and moon 3strands [Ornament_Prefab] Moon Line type Moon Mini Snowflake Star Large Star Line type Star Mini Each Prefab contains 3 color materials already applied as samples. In addition, the Material_Illuminations folder contains materials in 12 colors. Prefab data is .01. Prefab data is based on .01, and .02 and .03 are created as Prefab variants. When changing Prefab data other than materials, please change the .01 data. [Material Item Explanation] Brightness: Adjusts the effect of ambient light. 0 makes the image almost completely black in dark areas. 1 makes the entire image appear to glow in dark areas without being affected by ambient light. Light Color A / Light Color B: Emission color. Blink Speed: Blinking speed. Intensity: The intensity of the light. 1 to 2 is appropriate. Light Crossover: When turned on, the specified light color will be alternated in a complex transition; when turned off, the light will blink alternately. [Matcap Textures] I used Matcap textures from this page. Komainu matcap set vol.1 https://booth.pm/ja/items/ [Using Mesh Baker] Since luminescence is controlled by vertex color, be sure to check the "Include Colors" checkbox if you want to group objects using Mesh Baker, etc.

    Terms of Use

    You are free to use it for installation in the world, avatars, modification, etc. Commercial use You are allowed to sell the assets in the form of incorporating them into your own world. Prohibited items Redistribution or resale of this model data alone is prohibited.