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    First Day_for Music Vket5

    Published from : 2023/09/03 01:41:25

    Product Details

    A song about a boy on his first day as the boyfriend of a girl he likes...? One of the rare love songs among Rise's songs.

    Terms of Use

    (1) About copyrights: All rights to this music are reserved by "Rise". (2) Handling of downloaded files Resale to third parties is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether or not the file format has been converted or modified. The purpose of this sale is for the private enjoyment of the purchaser. (3) Secondary use For the time being, secondary use of the music is free in principle, but if the music is used in whole or in part for other purposes However, if you use the music in whole or in part, you must inform the administrator of the use, and please indicate the credit. The method of crediting shall be discussed with the administrator on a case-by-case basis. 4) Others Requests for the use of Rise's music must be made in the best interest of both parties and the spread of each other's works and the quality of the music.