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    Costume set for VRChat avatars Vol.1

    Sales start date : 2023/08/23 00:28:50

    Product Details

    ■ Contents of the product ・"VRChat avatar costume set vol.1" in the Unitypackage A set of Fbx models, textures, animations and animators. The shader uses liltoon. Please download and import the following from Booth. [Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Requires the introduction of modular avatars for outfit integration. https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev/en/ Pajamas pattern texture is Kuromado's I was allowed to use high resolution seamless material 9 within the scope of the agreement. https://booth.pm/ja/items/2281406 If you want to change the pattern of pajamas, please use it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's a costume based on Estina's body Scene data for Estina and Estina DPS version are available. Please refer to the image for the installation procedure. After importing the package, you will find it inside the AnomaroWorkShop/Clothes folder. Avatar_19_Estina_Barreto_ClothSet1 modified scene data that added costumes to Estina. Avatar_19_Estina_Barreto_DPSVer_ClothSet1 is Estina DPS version costume addition modified scene data. addition Avatar_20_Luriere_ClothSet1 It will be the modified scene data with the addition of Luriere's costume. (If Estina is not installed, Cloth_01_Casual, Cloth_02_Devil, Three of Cloth_03_Battle will be (Missing Prefab)). In that case, please note that you can not upload unless you delete the red (Missing Prefab). Also, if you select a missing costume in the menu, the body may be completely exposed, so be careful. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's OK to dress not only the avatars I sell, but also the avatars created by other people. Complete porting may be difficult due to differences in proportions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆ Content details ReadMe.txt Product image ●Model data It will be Fbx data that has been skinned and divided into categories of tops, bottoms, and shoes. Cloth_04_Swimsuit Cloth_05_Bathtowel Cloth_06_Babydoll Cloth_07_Pajamas Cloth_08_Summer Cloth_09_Winter Cloth_10_BunnyGirl ・Material data  Separate materials are provided for each of the above elements. ·texture Tga format with the same name as the above material There are also mask images for base, normal and element. There is also a PSD file for color change. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Prefabs So that it can be easily introduced into the avatars I sell and the avatars created by other people A Prefab with Physbone and Constraint settings is also available. After importing the package, it will be in the AnomaroWorkShop/Clothes/Cloth_Prefab folder. It is easy to introduce to my sales avatar, which has relatively close proportions, It is unconfirmed whether it can be worn with other avatars. If you try to put it on another person's avatar and introduce this avatar like this I want you to tell me. Please join the Discord below and send us your information. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Cloth1Set_Icon folder Icon image data used for Expressions Comes with a complete set of outfits and separate versions.

    Terms of Use

    ■Terms of use By purchasing this model, you agree to these Terms of Use. Please see the enclosed PDF for detailed terms and conditions. I have prepared for each language. I output it as an image. ・ Anything not listed above Output OK with 3D printer Installation OK as a world object (figure or NPC) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Disclaimer (Anomaro P) will not be held responsible for any damages incurred by using this data. Please use under the responsibility of the user. ◆ Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is for mutual follow only. (https://twitter.com/anomarkarintou) mail address Please change anomarokarintou0★gmail.com★ to @. Or join the Discord server and ask. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Date of enactment of the terms of use: February 17, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ Update history ● June 25, 2023 Due to an animation mistake in the body material of both Estina and Estina DPS version, I wore winter clothes and clothes other than bunnies, and my skin was slightly oily. Also added a new item when trying to change clothes partially in the category due to a setting error in the menu. I was unable to operate the costume. Added scenes for the new avatar, Luriere. Updated Fbx for 7 outfits (Estina's hair, wings, and tail bones have been removed to reduce the increase in the number of bones when merging.) Added Prefabs for Estina's Default Outfit, Casual, Succubus, and Combat Outfit. Since it is only Prefab, if you load it into a project that does not contain Estina, the mesh etc. will be Missing. ●February 17, 2023 Released.