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    CROWK 3rd Album 【 THE BLACK TRAIN 】

    Published from : 2023/07/16 18:01:23

    Product Details

    The 3rd album "THE BLACK TRAIN" is a sound source in which the two MCs of WisK & CROTCHET, who have grown a year since their last album, tried approaches from various angles and expanded their interpretation of the sound. are packed. It is also an experimental work that sublimates expression to the next step while maintaining Hiphop as CROWK. Two flows sewn to complement each other. Direct lyrics written without roundabout phrases. Let's go on a journey to the world of Only one that has evolved further. You hold the ticket.

    Terms of Use

    We welcome use by DJs at club events. Real or virtual doesn't matter. The purchase amount will be used for the music activities of both CROWK. The copyright of each truck body belongs to each truck manufacturer. Unauthorized sales, resale, etc. of all copyrighted works contained in this album are strictly prohibited. If you have an offer, such as a live performance or a radio appearance, or if you have any questions Please DM me on the official Twitter. Copyright© CROWK All Rights Reserved.