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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Virtual Market 2023 Winter Official Soundtrack

    Published from : 2023/12/13 16:14:03

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    This is the mp3 version of "VirtualMarket 2023 Winter Official Soundtrack" ! Please listen to the music and remember Vket2023 Winter even after the event period. [Physical CD version] Limited availability until 2024/1/9 ! https://vket-kanapromarket.meetmygoods.com/CDshop/225771 Entrance Parareal Central Shintaro Aoki Parareal London Shintaro Aoki Parareal Okinawa Karashi-mentaiko Parareal Shibuya & Harajuku Hakomoon Hotel Gajou-en[Epitome] Yuki Hata Hotel Gajou-en[Supreme] Yuki Hata Barremhor[Midnight] el ma Riu Barremhorn[Dawn] Nakasako Sakana Dragon's Back[Montynemesis] yuugen6 Dragon's Back[Wunversky] Sotaro Otogi World End:Utopia Reboot[3980 XX] R.Tone World End:Utopia Reboot[4010 XX] R.Tone Nursery Rhyme Retold[King] Hoshikake-Kun Nursery Rhyme Retold[Queen] Hoshikake-Kun Fallen Eden[-Ain-] mustie=DC Fallen Eden[-Soph-] LillyRazy Fallen Eden[-Aur-] arsserry Pixelica[Action City] Kagetora. Pixelica[Adventure Town] Ajitama-Kun

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