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    Props(Voice model)

    Voice Changer that can become a young lady's voice Commercial use available, free license [RVC Learned Model Koineko].

    Published from : 2023/06/14 09:14:37

    Product Details

    Thank you for taking notice of this listing! My name is Koineko and I am active on VRChat! I have created a learning model for RVC with the image of a sweet anime voice! I have created a learning model for RVC! By using this model, you can use it as a voice changer! This model can be used as a voice changer! Per the demo sound recording of the learning model, The model was recorded with a high-performance microphone, and the voice was processed afterwards, The voice model is of very high quality! Voice Characteristics The voice is a sweet female voice (for anime)! Please check the sample voice for more details! Please miss the bad acting... (lol) This service is available for both male and female users! Tuning is available for both men and women to become a female voice! You can listen to a sample of our voice here! https://xgf.nu/sCtno How to use You need to install VC client! Please refer to the enclosed memo on how to install!

    Terms of Use

    Do not use it for any use that is offensive to public order and morals. No license is required. Secondary distribution of the product is prohibited. Do not use for malicious purposes such as impersonation.