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    Props(Voice model)

    Neat and clear transparent animated caraboose Top quality, singable RVC learned model [Now 30% off for a limited time]

    Published from : 2023/06/13 04:42:05

    Product Details

    This model is based on the image of a "neat and transparent girl. The model has been created based on the image of a "pure, innocent, and transparent girl" and can be used to change your voice. You can create a beautiful and lovely voice like an anime character or a VTuber's voice. This model is produced and sold as a series. We are confident that the quality of this model is "better than any other model". We are confident that our models are "better quality than any other models". We are confident that the quality of this model is "better than any other model" and that it is a voice that everyone will like. This model can be used for the following purposes Calling applications such as VRChat and Discord Live video Voice for video delivery, etc. Currently, we are offering a 30% discount for a limited time! We offer the "highest quality model by an order of magnitude". Koineko has sold many models in the past, but we have further improved the learning method and recording method, and spent more than three times the amount of time to produce the models as we did in the past. We are confident that the new "Neutral and Transparent" voice model is definitely higher quality, more natural, and less noisy than any other learning model. For more details, please listen to the sample sound files. A model that can sing "beautifully This model allows you to sing far more beautifully than any other model. This model minimizes the noise generated during singing, which was present in conventional models, and achieves natural vocalization. Please try the sample voice to see for yourself. You can listen to the actual voiced voice here. https://xgf.nu/StRmU Men can also have a "beautiful" female voice This model is designed to sound completely like a woman's voice by minimizing the deterioration of the voice caused by pitch, which is characteristic of the voice change from male to female. For male users, the pitch can be set to +7 to +12 to reproduce exactly the same voice as the sample voice. Female users are requested to either leave the pitch as it is or fine-tune it by themselves depending on the voice tone. Sample Voice In the voice section, it is possible to listen to the actual voice of the user. It is possible to reproduce the same voice not only for women but also for men. Singing sample music: Idol/YOASOBI Composed by Ayase What is the RVC model? It is a voice changer using the latest AI, and by loading an RVC model into a VC Klein, the voice can be changed at will. Basically, it can be used on any PC with any specs and without any initial knowledge, so please feel free to purchase it. How to Use To use the learned models, you will need to install the VC client, so please refer to this page to install it. After installing the VC client, you can use it as a voice changer by loading this learned model. https://neos-shared.notion.site/AI-282323bbeb7940e083510657fcfca80b

    Terms of Use

    The model may not be reproduced or distributed without permission. Do not use this model for sexual content or for purposes that are offensive to public order and morals. You may not use this model for commercial purposes. Reproduction of sample voices and product sales pages without permission is prohibited. Please use within the bounds of common sense. Please do not use it for malicious purposes such as impersonation. By purchasing this model, you agree to the Terms of Use. By purchasing this model, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.