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    [VRChat Assumed Avatar] Shopping Cart [VRM]

    Sales start date : 2023/05/11 19:56:37

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    3D model created by blender. Trial world: https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_cbf14ad2-04da-4191-9e7e-0b84a92d87a2 A UnityPackage for VRChat is included in the package. It is Quest compliant, so you can use it as is with the prescribed upload method. There is also a VRM version, but the rideable gimmick is not implemented. This version can be used with VRM compatible services such as Cluster and Virtualcast. The sit decision can be turned on and off from the Ex menu. Please contact us if you have any questions. What is your favorite shopping cart? I'm a big-ass cart like this one at Costco or Nitori, but sometimes I think it would be fun to have a handle for kids or something. But do you remember ever riding in those for kids? It shouldn't be zero, but I don't remember it at all. Have you never actually ridden them? There might be a lot of people like that, so I think it would be fun to make one for adults as well. I just realized that I don't use a shopping cart. I live alone and don't buy much, so I don't use it. Now I understand why there are so many carts with places to put children.

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