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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2023/05/01 10:56:34

    Product Details

    This is a 3D model of a backlit sign available in the VR chat world. It includes English letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Simply place it on a wall and lightbake it to create a stylish sign that reflects light on the wall and looks like indirect lighting. It is more effective to place a large sign on a simple wall as much as possible. The data used is Prefab-ed. Please find the "BackLit Prefab" folder in the assets folder and place it in the world from there. In addition to the basic stainless steel and white light, wood grain and white light are included as sample materials. Prefab is set to Static, so you can use it for light baking without any concern. The model data does not include a collider, so if you need a collider, please set one yourself. Since the model data is for each character individually, the more characters, the more batches will be required, which will increase the load. It is recommended to use Mesh Baker or similar tools for finishing and consolidating models, materials, etc. Also, please delete unused characters before publishing to save space. Model Data Download data is provided in zip file format. The model data is in unitpackage format, so please import and use it.

    Terms of Use

    You can freely use it for installation in the world, avatars, etc. Modifications The texture has a simple structure. The left side is the surface and the right side is the light source. Commercial use You are allowed to sell the regular version of the data in the form of incorporating it into a world of your own creation. Prohibited items Redistribution or resale of this model data alone is prohibited.