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    VRM File VRoid Character | Digital Character of Kurt Vander from The Legend of Heroes - Full VRM Package

    Published from : 2023/03/31 04:00:57

    Product Details

    Introducing the digital character product in VRM format that every gaming enthusiast must have - the Kurt Vander character from the legendary game, The Legend of Heroes. This full-package product includes the character model, hair, and outfit, allowing you to embody the persona of Kurt Vander, one of the most beloved characters from the game. This product is perfect for those who are looking to enhance their virtual reality experience, and can be applied on popular platforms such as VRChat, VTuber, and many others. With only 8 limited copies available for sale, this is an exclusive opportunity to add this dynamic and heroic character to your digital collection. We strictly prohibit the commercial use of this product, as it is solely for personal use and enjoyment. Experience the thrill of being Kurt Vander today!

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