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    【Blue Archive】The story of Shiroko's dream

    Sales start date : 2023/02/14 11:41:30

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    This is a new book to be exhibited at 【ComicVket3】 held from 2/23 to 3/5, 2023. B5 size / 20 pages / all pages in full color / with free benefits 【Free privilege】Business card & Doujin paper Shipping date] After the event (from 3/6). This will be my first doujinshi production, so there may be things I haven't quite got right...! Please be gentle with us! 【Circle】 Submarine in the Brain Cover and manga by ayagumo sensei 【Manga Name】(Titles omitted, in no particular order) Yukino Sato https://twitter.com/yukino_cos?s=20&t=bYhGfE4xJ5YQmi00CGDO8g irarei https://twitter.com/irarei5?s=20&t=bYhGfE4xJ5YQmi00CGDO8g asu https://twitter.com/SCP_001_asu?s=20&t=bYhGfE4xJ5YQmi00CGDO8g

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