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    Models for VRChat Te-Stiff-Arm

    Published from : 2022/12/03 03:19:23

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    This model is only for the arm parts with adjusted UV of Testif's arm part. The data for this arm has been added to this avatar model of Testiff (https://hikinikupan.booth.pm/items/4077395), so if you have purchased the avatar model of Testiff, please re-download it from there. Please import the VRCSDK and the Unity Chan Toon Shader 2.0 material into your Unity project before using the model. Folder Composition UnityPackage (UnityPackage contents) Arm parts model (FBX) (rigged (from ForeArm)) (2 parts for both arms and shield parts for both arms) Texture data (Arm: 2048pixel) 1 material ---------------------- ・Product images Editable psd of arm parts with albedo and emission coloring Arm fbx Textures Model specs Polygon count: 9631 (arm parts) Mesh : 4 (both arms (arm parts and shield parts)) Number of materials:1(Arm parts(ToonDoubleShadeWithFeather)) Textures This model is designed to use UnityChanToonShader as well as Unity's StandardShader. Albedo, Metallic, Normal, and Emission. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use (Japanese Translation) Commercial use: Possible (however, 3D output using a 3D printer, etc. is prohibited for both individuals and corporations)  (For corporate use, please consult with us.) (However, 3D output using 3D printers, etc. is prohibited for both individuals and corporations. (However, use of 3D images using 3D printers, etc. is prohibited regardless of the software used. 3D output for commercial and non-commercial use: Prohibited 3D output using a 3D printer, etc. is prohibited for both individuals and corporations. Diversion of some parts is also prohibited. Modification: Possible You can freely modify the data included in this model data. You may use parts of the model for other models. Use in R18 and R18G contents: Yes Redistribution: Prohibited Redistribution and sale of the data included with this model data, excluding the VRCSDK, is prohibited, regardless of whether or not the data has been modified. Also, please do not pass the data between individuals. Modification of the model by request: Permitted only between individuals. (Only when both the person placing the request and the person receiving the order have purchased the model data, and only between individuals, is the exchange of modified model data between the two parties permitted. Redistribution or sale of the data to the general public is prohibited. Use of VRChat avatar pedestals and avatar clones: Prohibited Use of VRChat data for any act or purpose offensive to public order and morals, political or religious activities, or for the purpose of slandering others: Prohibited. NFT (CryptoArt) of 3D models created by me is strictly prohibited. If my 3D models are converted to NFT (CryptoArt) without my permission, I will consider legal action. Disclaimer The copyright of this model belongs to the creator of this model regardless of whether it has been modified or not. We are not responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of this model to the detriment of the user.