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    Unity "Kanaria" exclusive Motion to make hands into hearts

    Sales start date : 2022/12/03 01:23:48

    Product Details

    One anim file for Unity, 60 frames (1 second) animation. Please apply it to your avatar's prefab file in Unity. (The animation is applied to the original 3D model "Kanaria") >>> https://sousakukitti.booth.pm/items/4329283 <<< Click here to learn how to change AFK motion. https://note.com/naokimiku39/n/n17eaadceffeb Facial expressions are not set. Please set facial expressions manually if necessary. We assume AFK, emotes, etc. for VRChat.

    Terms of Use

    You are free to use it for any purpose, including modification and commercial use, but redistribution is prohibited. The copyright belongs to the author (NAOKI MIKU).