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    [Petorare]subordinate collar

    Published from : 2022/12/02 17:34:36

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    I want to be someone's pet. We have given shape to such a dream. For more information, please see the video on the product page. Sales details Model alone: free of charge Petorette" system + model: 300 yen The price is as follows. Distribution information The main data is included in unitypackage. Please import liltoon before importing unitypackage. As described in the product page, a little bit of technology is required to implement Petorete. We will provide separate documentation, but as an overview A copy of AnimatorLayer →You can copy it from Petorare.controller included in the package. Addition of AnimatorParameter →Add a parameter with the same name as Petorare.controller included in the package. UnpackPrefab by placing Belt.prefab under Neck, and move Petorare under Belt directly under Avatar. ○Producer Please contact the following address to report any problems or use of this data. Twitter: @Kakuribbon

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