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    C4 Pack w/ Avatar Dynamics for VRChat - [VRチャット, アバターダイナミクス, 武器, 爆弾, ミリタリー, 爆発的な]

    Published from : 2022/11/20 22:34:57

    Product Details

    KTEK - C4 *Tutorial / Setup video included!* The C4's are optimized and good looking with unique Animations, Sounddesign, Particle FX and more! Avatar Dynamics and Gesture Toggles are being used to place and pick up the C4 seamlessly! KTEK - C4 comes with: - Avatar Dynamics (C4 is defuseable by button touch) - Individual detonate or detonate all. - Optimized C4's! (3 Materials for each C4 with 1659 Polygons!) - Placement wherever you want it to be! You can also pick it up again, to replace it somewhere else. - comes with 2 Skins- Standart and DarkCamo. - 18 Animation States - 5 FX Layers and Gesture Override - 4 Audio Components - Package includes: Unitypackage, tutorial document and a link for the tutorial video. -- Important Unity Addons needed! -- - VRChat SDK 3.0 - Poiyomi Shader (8.0.295 or newer) - Mochie (1.29.1 or newer) - Leviant ScreenSpace (latest) - VRLabs World Constraint (v1.2 or newer) - GestureManager (v3.6 or newer) (optional) I bet you'll enjoy this product! If you need help or want to stay up to date- Check our Discord out!: https://discord.gg/umn2C7FCQr License: Personal License: personal use only! > Used on public or commerical sold Avatars is *PROHIBITED* Commercial License: on public Avatar: OK selling it as part of an avatar (with credit!): OK. Credits: Original 3D Model and Texture by danielecalvi3d. -> You can find more of their work on Artstation or the unreal engine marketplace. ## Do *NOT* resell and claim it as your work! ## Thank you!

    Terms of Use

    PERSONAL LICENSE: - Using, Modifying - OK - Selling another avatar with this item- PROHIBITED